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It's Time for Men to Embrace their Emotions

Since we were boys - our parents, the media, movies, TV shows, and our educational systems have modeled what it means to be a man, and they were wrong.

You see we've been taught that we're not supposed to express emotions that are viewed as feminine such as:

  • grief

  • sadness

  • vulnerability

  • sensitivity

  • affection

If we did express emotions the repercussions were ridicule and bullying. How many of you have heard; “man up”, “suck it up”, “act like a man”. We were supposed to be tough. Research shows that men experience emotions at the same level that women do.

I was a sensitive boy and now a sensitive man. Growing up that sensitivity was not fostered. In fact it was squashed and chastised. Some of the detrimental impact of men not expressing their emotions are:

Mental Health Issues

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Suicide

Health Issues

  • Heart Disease

  • Sleep disorders

  • Chronic Tension

    • Headaches

    • Stomach issues

Substance Abuse

Violence towards men, women and children

It's very important for men to climb out of that “man box” that we've been put in since we were children. Here’s how we can learn to be more vulnerable.

Be honest about the way you are feeling.

  • Identify your emotions

  • Accept your emotions

  • Express your emotions in a healthy way

Explore Therapeutic Hobbies

  • Exercise

  • Music

Talking to a friend or someone that you trust can be helpful. I believe for men, it's it's good to get the support of other men who know where you're coming from.

Seek Professional Help

  • Therapy

  • Groups

Seeing a psychotherapist was one of the most important and best decisions that I’ve ever made for my own well being.

Men and emotions have a complex and multifaceted relationship. Society's traditional expectations and stereotypes have long discouraged men from expressing their emotions, leading to detrimental effects on their mental health and well-being. However, there is a growing recognition of the importance of emotional expression and vulnerability for men's overall health and happiness. By embracing your emotions and seeking support when needed, you can break free from the constraints of the “man box” and lead a fulfilling, authentic life. It is crucial that we continue to have conversations about men and emotions, challenging harmful societal norms and promoting a more compassionate and empathetic world for all.


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