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Embrace the Present: A Journey to Feeling Good Now

Happiness depends on ourselves. ~Aristotle 

Feel good now is a concept I’ve heard time and time again from very successful people. When you're feeling good, you feel more energized, motivated, and stronger. You feel like you can take on the world. It's a great mindset to live by. We are energetic beings and when you come from that place of feeling good, it raises your vibration, thus improving your overall health and well-being. You may also notice an increase in abundance and your ability to manifest your desires.

I want to share a quick story about how this phenomena presented itself in my life. My wife and I were honored to be the officiates for her niece Kris and Deb's commitment ceremony. I love ritual, so I put together a sacred observance of their love. A reception followed the ceremony. Deb is very creative and crafted approximately six raffle gifts. I purchased raffle tickets for each prize. In a “feeling good state”, I imagined how it would feel to give the gifts away if I won. Well, what do you think happened? My name was called for four out of the six raffle prizes. I immediately gave one to Jude’s niece Jessica who was admiring one of the signs, her nephew Jack got another and a third went to her niece Jackie. We did keep one which was a big heart, a great reminder to me of this special day. So just an illustration of what can happen when you come from that place of feeling good, joy and love.


Now, I know we're human, you can't be in this state 100% of the time, life happens, challenges happen. When challenges occur in your life practice not negatively reacting but responding in a positive manner, not letting the event take you off balance. Remind yourself what might seem bad now is going to work out to your advantage in the long run. 

What can you do to get yourself in a state of feeling good : 

  • Change your physiology, move your body. You can do this anytime and anywhere. Do some jumping jacks, jump up and down, punch your fists up into the air.

  • Good breathing techniques will also change your physiology and help you to feel good. 

  • Reflect on moments in your past where you felt proud, joy and happiness. 

  • Reflect on things currently in your life that you feel appreciative and grateful for.

  • Set an intention each morning that you want to have a great day. When you set your intention speak it out loud. Words are so important and hold vibration. 

  • Listen to and read inspirational messages. Something I do to begin each morning.

Physical benefits of feeling good. 

  • Improves your Immune System 

  • Decreases your risk for Cardiovascular Disease 

  • Increases Longevity, helps you Live Longer. 

Embracing the power of living in the present moment and feeling good now is the key to unlocking a world of joy and contentment. As you navigate the journey of life, remember that feeling good isn't a destination; it's a continuous choice you make every day. By appreciating the beauty in simplicity, practicing gratitude, and cultivating a positive mindset, you can create the life you desire. So, as you embark on the adventure of each new day, savor every moment and you will then experience the true magic of feeling good unfolds.

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