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We Were Born to Move

As a kid, if you're anything like me, you were outside all day running, jumping, skipping and climbing. As adults, our lives slowly get taken over by longer and longer hours of sitting: At work, watching TV, computer use, and cell phone use. Our bodies slowly become starved for movement and frozen in poor postural habits. Being sedentary also contributes to mental health issues, feeling isolated, disconnected, depressed and anxious. Exercise is a great antidote for these mental health challenges by improving mood. Exercise Releases the chemical serotonin and endorphin hormones which are the feel good chemicals and hormones.


  • Accelerates circulation

  • Oxygenates the body

  • Removes wastes

  • Strengthens the heart

  • Calms the mind

Other Ways that exercise can improve your life.

  1. Controls weight-Reduces incidence of Obesity

  2. Combats health conditions and disease

  3. Lowers Blood Pressure

  4. Improves mood

  5. Boosts energy

  6. Promotes better sleep

  7. Puts a spark back into your sex life

  8. Exercise can be fun

So how often should you exercise? Well, first of all choose an exercise that you enjoy. That might be walking, dancing or martial arts. Any activity that's going to raise your heart rate. If you don't exercise now start with baby step, maybe one day a week for 20-30 minutes, and work up to three to five days a week. Adding strength training a couple days a week is also a great idea. The main thing is to get started. My mom who is 80 years old walks 5 miles six days a week. She maintains good hydration while walking and has kept her type two diabetes at bay because of her regime. My Mom is a prime example of how movement is vital to good health and is powerful medicine. It can be for you also!

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