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My Vision​


Why am I establishing The Cardinal Way for Men?


"There's literally decades of research pointing to the fact that conformity to traditional masculinity is associated with poor health among men, high levels of suicidal thoughts and behavior, poor relationships and parenting, and involvements in violence against women and other men.” ~Michael Flood, a researcher from Queensland University of Technology 


During this critical and challenging time in our planet's evolution we are ripe for change. It is time that we take back our personal power and fulfill our life’s purpose. 

Through an engaging mixture of information and inspiration we will explore, educate and inform our followers about wellness practices, products, and resources available for living a balanced and healthy life. 


Every Man on earth has the right to vibrant and dynamic health, deep meaningful relationships, and abundant wealth.


My vision is to bring our followers the practical tools needed to guide you on your journey to wholeness, to create the life you dream about. 

Remember your truth is within you. Now it’s up to you to seek it and live it.

Continue your journey below

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