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Learn the Sacred Art of Thai Yoga Bodywork

Introduction to Thai Yoga Bodywork

This one day workshop introduces the basic principles and time-honored techniques of Thai Yoga Bodywork that emphasizes proper/safe body mechanics. Participants will learn a general practice sequence that is wonderful to share with your clients, family, and friends.  For Yoga teachers, this workshop will allow you to gain confidence when connecting with your students on a physical level while learning practical techniques to provide hands-on enhancements to assist them in deepening their practice. A manual with pictorials and a written explanation of techniques covered in the workshop will be provided.

This 5-day immersion training presents the history, philosophy, and theory of Thai Yoga Bodywork (TYB). Demonstration supported by experiential practice modules is used to master techniques. Emphasis is placed on proper/safe body mechanics to prevent practitioner injury and enhance energy conservation. 


After this training, participants will be able to perform a traditional comprehensive TYB session in the supine, prone, and seated positions.  A manual with pictorials and a written explanation of techniques covered in the workshop will be provided.



Thai Yoga Bodywork (TYB) Level 1 Immersion includes:

  • Explanation and description of TYB

  • Benefits of TYB

  • History of TYB

  • The influence of Ayurveda and Buddhism

  • Practitioner Rules

  • Anatomical/Positional Movement Terms

  • Practitioner Poses

  • Learning about the Autonomic NS and its influence on TYB

  • The Concept of Touch

  • Principles of Touch and Safe Body Mechanics

    • Thumb Pressing

    • Hand Position

    • Wrist Position

  • General TYB Routine Patterns practiced throughout TYB

  • The concept of Rhythmic Rocking and it’s benefits

  • Ethics of Touch



  • Hand

  • Thumb

  • Forearm

  • Foot


The Concept of Sen Energy Lines

    • Location of 10 Sen Energy Lines

  • A Hand Maintenance routine


This training is great for bodyworkers, massage therapists and Yoga teachers. Because TYB is a meditative and yogic healing practice, consistent meditation, yoga, and/or bodywork experience is recommended, though not required.

*This training is eligible for 35 continuing education hours by the NCBTMB.*

Thai Yoga Bodywork Level 1

Thai Yoga Bodywork Level 2

During this 5 day immersion we will begin each day with a 10 minute meditation followed by a yoga practice. The remainder of the day will include demonstration supported by experiential practice modules. We will cover the side-lying position, blood stops, an abdominal routine, reflexology, more in depth assessment skills and a wide range of new techniques for the supine, prone, and seated positions. A fully illustrated manual will be provided. This training is open to all students who have completed my Level 1 Immersion and others who have completed a comparable 30 hour Thai Yoga Bodywork training with a consistent practice. 

Level 2 Enrollment Form


Cadaver Anatomy

This three hour highly experiential journey into the miraculous body will expand your perspective and help educate your intuition in regards to your own self-discovery and when working with others. This workshop will guide you through a layer by layer visual tour of multiple human forms including the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems including the internal organs. You will also be encouraged to explore and palpate anatomical structures independently. Ed Cardinal will be your guide creating a safe, sacred and informative space for learning.

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Hear From My Past Workshop Participants Below

"What a gift- an honor, indeed, to have access to the lab and learn this weekend.  Education requires such tactile experiences and access to resources so that  intellectual curiosity can be properly satiated. As a lay person, a yoga teacher, an athlete, seeing and learning from the cadavers at URI this weekend was an experience that I couldn't have anticipated.  It was a learning opportunity with a tremendous return.  The workshop has made me more curious and more determined to seek other experiences in which I can learn from such gifted teachers.  You set the bar high- thank you for making it all possible!"

—  Devon WH, Cadaver Anatomy Participant

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