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Mastering the Art of Patience: A Man's Guide to Thriving in the Waiting Game

They say that patience, the ability to wait for something, is a virtue, not always my strong suit. It’s definitely something I’ve had to work on in the past few years with my relocation and work transition and new dog. My mantra lately has been trust, have faith and be patient. Patience helps me to remove worry and fear in my life. It is also an important life skill that allows me to stay calm and focused.

Some of the benefits of patience:

  1. Long term vision- when you are patient you can maintain focus on your long term goals even when setbacks occur.

  2. Mental and Physical Well Being- patience can help you stay in control of your emotions, and avoid negative feelings such as fear, anger and helplessness.

  3. Inner peace- the ability to keep smiling despite challenges, you turn problems into opportunities. 

When fear and worry rears its ugly head I realize my thoughts are the culprit. At times my recent life transitions have created fear and worry. I’m learning to reframe my situation and think, “you’ve made some major changes, it will take some time to adjust, give yourself a break.” I also look at the gifts I’ve received during this time, spending time with my wife and puppy, exploring the area and working on other projects.

Practice patience with yourself. 

  • Practice self awareness 

  • Be aware of your thoughts and emotions

Practice patience with others.

Everyone, as you know is different, with their own process and time frame. It's important to accept that. My puppy Angel is a prime example of this for me. He has tested my patience in many ways yet when I get frustrated I remember he is only a puppy. Living in the South has also provided learning opportunities regarding patience. The speed of life is much slower compared to the Northeast. When I go to a supermarket or I'm in line at a bank, things take longer. When I find myself getting resentful about this I try to look at the gifts of the moment. It gives me the opportunity to have conversations with people and observe the acts of kindness that are occurring all around me.

Patience makes us better people. 

  • It takes practice to become self aware of your thoughts and  feelings. 

  • It helps you to learn from your mistakes. 

  • You become better at what you do. 

As men navigate the challenges of life, understanding that patience is not merely a virtue but a powerful tool for personal growth and success. Cultivate patience, and you'll enhance your role as a husband, partner, father, family member, friend, and coworker. Developing patience contributes to building resilient connections, making informed choices, and avoiding unwarranted stress caused by haste. Integrate patience into your daily life to savor every moment to the fullest!

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